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Southwest Portland BMX Skatepark Expedition

Jim & I went to Gabriel and Tigard skateparks for the first time yesterday and had a blast! Gabriel is surprisingly fun – you can pump it and rip around easily, and the walls outside the bowl are quite fun to jib on too.

We arrived at Tigard past dusk, so we were limited in our exploration, but we still had a good time pumping bowls and fumbling fastplants. Definitely going to head back when we can actually see what we’re riding.

I painstakingly edited a few clips together and produced the following video. Video editing on Linux: even less fun than photo editing. I’m on my green/yellow Norco (brakeless) and Jim is on his lavender Deity:

* * *

Spine Line

First real ride on my 20" post-shoulder injury! No suspension is a little rough, but the spine-to-vert wall is so much fun that a little soreness is worth it.

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Night DJ Rides

Here are a few clips from riding my Norco around downtown Portland (primarily the Waterfront and Esplanade):

Cut my teeth (well, shins) on this wall a few years ago, and it's still one of my favorite bunnyhop/j-hop spots. Filmed and narrated by @ckuttruff. #portland #bmx #psbmx #bunnyhop #hop #urban

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This is the most fun long-and-low jump driveway I’ve found in Portland so far.

Doing hoodrat stuff with @ckuttruff. Found this very low tabletop on the Esplanade, but it's a blast to launch. Just watch out for the curb right after the landing. #bmx #psbmx #portland #street #gap #potatocamera

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Video: Mini Pumptrack Session

* * *

Failing at doubles

Shaun and I were riding doubles through the blue line, and I took the high corner, but my wheel slid out, nearly crashing into him and destroying myself. Thankfully, the automatic camera caught this photo of both of us casing post-disaster-avoidance:

This picture describes @jmdeldin and @shawnmartin all too well. Way too much fun! @lumberyardmtb #bmx #mtb #lumberyardrules #portland #oregon #indoorbikepark @sniperactionphoto

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Video: 180 up the step up @ The Lumberyard

Levi harangued me into a 20-second Tuesday at the Lumberyard (video forthcoming) and convinced me this was a good idea. It’s pretty weird, as you’re spinning before you clear the lip. Thanks to Levi, Henry, and Silas' encouragement, I landed it after a few tries.

@jmdeldin @lumberyardmtb @henrypolvorosa #180 #bmx #mtb #lumberyardrules

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Pumping Pier Park

Recovering from a sprained AC-joint means no hopping and jumping, but pumping seems to work pretty well:

* * *

Sunday Night at the 'Yard

Chris and I went to the Lumberyard for a little session. Unfortunately, it ended with me clipping my right shoulder on the lip of a ramp, so I am in a sling for a few weeks due to an AC-joint sprain.



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Hello, World

Ah, the inaugural “Hello, World” post. It’s a holiday weekend, and I have finally run out of excuses for not maintaining a blog. So, here we are.

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