Jon-Michael Deldin

BMX, bike trials, & software from the Pacific Northwest


2013-08–present Everett, WA

Contract Software Developer,

Some recent clients include:

  • High Seas Consulting: Brought data integrity and usability into a shipwrecked React/Rails/ElasticSearch product. Developed React components and Rails APIs for a scheduling-based service spanning multiple microservices.
  • Copious: Developed a Rails and Neo4J-backed API for a RubyMotion iPhone app. Provided feature development, maintenance, and significant refactoring for long-running Rails ecommerce application.
  • The Clymb: Provided ongoing Rails, Chef, legacy, and emergency systems support while the company transitioned to their new owner’s platform.
  • Biomimicry 3.8: Provided training and resources for new technical employees. Automated on-boarding for new technical hires with Ansible.
2013-05–2015-06 Portland, OR

Applications Engineer, The Clymb

The Clymb is a flash-sales ecommerce company with web and mobile applications. With a small development team, I impacted a number of areas:

  • Internal team productivity:
    • Developed image compositing pipeline and interactive tools for an internal creative team to create and adjust product images through a specialized in-browser image editor
    • Developed a file uploader, processor, and in-browser cropping tool optimized for asynchronous image processing (open source release forthcoming)
    • Improved event production with calendar, status, and ownership workflow tools
  • Third-party API integrations:
    • Integrated with personalization and recommendation APIs; authored a Ruby gem for 4-Tell’s recommendation service; wrote asynchronous jobs for backfilling 4M+ user profiles for various third-party services using Redis and Sidekiq
    • Migrated application to new email service provider and improved Ruby API bindings for email provider
  • Culture:
    • Mentored junior developers and interns
    • Automated new hire onboarding with Ansible
    • Improved developer productivity with “chat ops”, which paved the way for a non-technical/programmer QA team
    • Reviewed pull requests
    • Collectively helped shape and improve our development process
    • Participated in the development and execution of bi-weekly retrospectives
    • Introduced JavaScript unit testing and integration testing for admin features
  • Infrastructure:
    • Maintained and improved infrastructure with Chef, including provisioning new servers, debugging existing roles, and refactoring cookbooks
    • Debugged critical production issues using strace and assorted Unix utilities
    • Managed continuous integration server from parallelizing builds, caching artifacts, and generally trying to make tests faster
    • Undertook large application framework upgrades including eradicating old code and upgrading RSpec 2->3 and Rails 3->4
    • Audited site for security vulnerabilities and applied relevant updates
    • Optimized pages to reduce N+1s and cache API calls based on performance monitoring tools
2010-02–2013-05 Missoula, MT

Software Developer, Biomimicry 3.8

  • Developed the Biomimicry Student Design Challenge website. It was a huge success with over 150 teams participating and 50 final project submissions in the first year. I developed the site with test-driven development using Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Postgres, Heroku, Ticketmaster/IATS, and Amazon S3.
  • On, a database of nature-inspired designs, I optimized SQL queries for drastic speedups, implemented search index health monitoring, and implemented automated spam prevention and detection tools. We won the 2010 Earth Award in the systems category, and we were finalists in the 2011 INDEX awards, an international design competition and traveling exhibit.
  • Developed backup, auditing, visualization, and reporting tools using Ruby, bash, graphviz, and R.
  • Started a BBQ-series at work to make Wednesdays better for everyone.
2011-08–2011-12 Missoula, MT

Program Manager, Spectral Fusion Designs

As part of a semester assignment, I managed a student-run web design group. I spearheaded upgrading development practices to current standards in addition to gathering requirements, setting timelines, and managing client projects.

2009-06–2010-11 Missoula, MT

Web Developer, Regional Learning Project

I illustrated maps, produced interactive websites using PHP and JavaScript, administrated a Debian VPS, and managed older sites with Python, sed, and friends.

2005-05–2014-03 Missoula, MT

Freelance Web Developer,

I designed websites, transcribed mockups into HTML and CSS, contributed to open source projects, developed websites in assorted content management systems, developed custom PHP & MySQL solutions, and managed CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu servers.



Master’s Degree in Computer Science, University of Montana-Missoula

Graduate Portfolio. Emphasis on bioinformatics, human-computer interaction, and machine learning.

Coursework included: algorithms, artificial intelligence, computer architecture, computer graphics programming, cryptography, data structures and algorithms, data visualization, human-computer interaction, intro to bioinformatics, machine learning, mobile app development, natural language processing, networking, operating systems, pattern recognition, programming languages, RNA secondary structure and function, simulation and modeling, and software engineering.

B.A. Biology, B.A. Chemistry, University of Great Falls

Final project: Literature review on systemic sclerosis (source)


Deldin, JM, and Schuknecht, M. Biologically Inspired Design: Computational Methods and Tools, chapter The AskNature Database: Enabling Solutions in Biomimetic Design. Springer, September 2013.

(Google Scholar)


Bioinformatics Lab, Fall 2011

I taught students in a bioinformatics lab practical Perl and Unix skills for parsing and analyzing sequences, blast output, and other data. You can still view my lesson plans.


Automated Content Usability (2012)

An attempt at automatically identifying content usability and readability issues of a web page. Source code.

RNA Secondary Structure Similarity (2010–2011)

Volunteer research conducted for Doug Raiford. Read more.

Service to the Profession


  • Proficient: Ruby, Python, Perl, JavaScript, Coffeescript, CSS, HTML 5 & XHTML, LaTeX, Bash, SQL
  • Familiar: C, C++, Java, Objective-C, OCaml, Scheme
  • MySQL, Postgres, Neo4J, Redis
Web & Application Servers
  • Nginx, Lighttpd, Apache, Puma, Unicorn
System Administration
  • Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS

Extracurricular Activities

Observed bike trials, BMX, mountain biking, backpacking, rock climbing, bouldering, skimboarding, snowboarding