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A brief tour of Montana's Skateparks

Chris and I accidentally ended up touring a few Montana skateparks on a recent trip back home. We started in central Montana (Cascade) and eventually made our way West. Here are a few tiny clips!


This is sadly not much of a park, but it provides enough entertainment between watching the high speed winds destroy your house and eating a corn dog.

Slightly longer "run" from the tiny park. Thanks to @ckuttruff for filming. #clymblife #bmx #montanabmx #montana

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A very silly 270 on a windy, bleak day. #bmx #montanabmx #clymblife

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Great Falls

While Cascade was entertaining on lunch breaks, Great Falls has a phenomenal park. Unfortunately, we only managed to film late at night on a crummy phone:


I didn’t get a chance to film the park, but I am excited about the jumps and pump tracks Helena is building next to it!

Ran into a former Oregonian at the Helena skatepark who showed me this funny set of new dirt jumps near #carrollcollege. They're a little too small for the speed you gain, but it was a fun way to break up the drive nonetheless. It'll be great to hit them in a few months after they've been built out a little more. #helena #montana #roadtrip #montanabmx #bmx #dirtjumps

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This is still my favorite park, probably because I spent so many late, icy nights in it, got my first concussion here, and learned how to air out here.

I love this bowl and cradle/cereal bowl! Charging on concrete has never felt so good. I used to spend nights here just racing around and listening to the sweet sound of high pressure tires on pavement. Happy to do that again! #zootown #missoula #montana #mobash #skatepark #bowl #montanabmx #bmx #clymblife #roadtrip

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