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Removing Wallboard and Linoleum

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Cat’s brother, Ethan, came up from Oregon with a big truck, so under his and Ron’s guidance, we destroyed the house further by ripping off a bunch of wallboard and linoleum.

Ripping wallboard off
Ethan, Ron, and Nathan ripping wallboard off
Layers of wallboard
Layers of wallboard. The paneling on the left was underneath the style on the right. Underneath all that is layers of wallpaper.

The dining room is/was carpet on top of linoleum. We used a spade (“spud” tool) to remove all the linoleum and the subfloor that was constructed atop the tile floor.

Dining room destruction
Dining room destruction. We used the spud tool (pictured) to remove the linoleum and subfloor, only to find tile underneath.
Removing linoleum with a spud tool
Nathan removing lineoleum with the spud tool. The key is to catch an edge and drive the spud tool all the way forward like a football player. If done correctly, you will end up with a neat spiral of linoleum.
No more linoleum No more linoleum No more linoleum
No more linoleum

Unfortunately, the next layer of flooring is tile set in tar.

* * *