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Dungeon Extraction

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More basement work, more hardware store purchases. I ran by the house to begin airing it out after yesterday’s bug bombs, which meant I had time to kill. I returned my super-wimpy-not-sure-why-they-bother-selling-it air compressor (0.6 CFM, 1/3 HP, 100 PSI) to Harbor Freight and upgraded to a larger one. Perhaps they make all their money in the restocking fees. The new one is much nicer and can actually blow dust away, so it could be handy in the basement, but mainly, it can actually do its job of blowing up tires and of blowing grips on and off.

Photo of Shep and Winston relaxing
Shep and Winston relaxing in the yard

The dirt mound was too large for a broom, so I invested in some shovels and dust masks. Since I don’t have a wheelbarrow and since the basement is down a steep set of stairs, I used recycling bins to transfer dirt to the yard. After filling 10 of them, I finally have a relatively level, 75 sq ft area of dirt in my basement. (I am glad I’ve been doing deadlifts at the gym lately.) It’d be nice to concrete this in, but that will have to wait until we have more time/funds.

Photo of a pile of dirt
Moving dirt and finding brick floor.
Photo of Shep and Winston aiding in dirt removal
My helpers for the day.
Photo of basement completed
Winston, enjoying the now-level 75 sq ft of dirt and brick.
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