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We didn’t do much work today, as we’re somewhat stalled. Some highlights:

  1. After consulting Ron and my mom over the phone, our walls may not be as dire it seemed last night. We can install drywall and texture over the wood boards. (We briefly thought there was some plaster [the colored wall parts], but it is just wallpaper.)
  2. We need to hire an electrician to modernize some of our now exposed outlets. There are a number of ungrounded outlets in the main floor, so hopefully it won’t be a ton of money to deal with, even though the wiring was done by Edison.
  3. “Installed” a hygrometer in the basement (i.e., put a battery in a cheap device) to monitor the humidity. I should’ve done this before I removed all the dirt, but this hasn’t been a very regimented project.
  4. We hypothesize the dining room is raised due to underlayment or something under the linoleum. Based on the living room and main floor bedrooms having original wood flooring, it seems like the dining room would as well. We’re going to leave it alone in case it’s asbestos flooring for now, but it would be great if we didn’t need to deal with leveling the rooms after all.
  5. Further, the suspected asbestos ceiling tiles may be newer, as it seems like a continuous sheet. Perhaps the original plaster is underneath, and this was just a poor design decision somewhere between 1925 and now.
  6. A floor install is coming out next Tuesday to measure for carpet and laminate flooring.

Thankfully, we were able to extend our apartment lease, which transfers the burden of remodeling while living in the house and puts it on our budget instead.

  1. Drywall, texture, and paint walls. If we can redo the crummy tile ceiling too, that would be swell.
  2. If there is wood floor in the dining room, then perhaps we will patch and refinish it all to save some money and have a better product, since Winston slides so much on laminate.
  3. Replace carpet upstairs and in bedrooms (lower bedrooms may stay as wood floor – depends on dining room).
  4. Modernize electrical as much as we can (afford).
  5. Replace stupid, ugly, disgusting, bulky baseboard heaters with wall heaters.
Photo of our new blinds
Our new curtains.
Photo of newspaper shoved inside window trim
Here’s a closeup of the newspaper clippings packed under the windows. We are curious if we can find a date, but we do not want to bring the whole house down by pulling this sheet out.
Photo of our pit to the crawl space
Since we took the walls off yesterday, we figured we’d take the flimsy panel hiding the hole to the crawl space for a better look.
Photo of our living room wall panel width Photo of our living room wall panel width
The plank widths for the underlying walls are different in the dining room (above) and living room.
* * *