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· remodel

I met our real estate agent at the house at 08:00 and picked up our multiple unlabeled keys. I’m a homeowner now and a bit overwhelmed, but at least the previous owner left behind some treasure:

  • cones
  • circular saw (unsure if it works)
  • trash cans and recycling bins (yay!)
  • pallets (maybe good for DIY wall rides)
  • blankets in the basement (for culturing mold)
  • surround sound system minus power and receiver (not really sure what is needed to connect everything)
  • second fridge in basement with a sausage in it
  • washer and dryer
  • free-standing storage cabinets
  • table and chairs with extension leaves (future game table)

Cat was out of town, so I worked on the basement to remove the heaps of dirt in it and to remove the general serial killer feeling.

Photo of our scary basement
This is our scary basement.
Photo of back of house with junk out
All the junk from the basement
Photo of Shep and Winston in jail
Jail time. Our tiny decrepit patio is good for something.

There is so much dirt in this one corner, and under a bit of it, some brick and mortar. I don’t know why there is no cement here. Did the original owners just run out and call it a day? Were they growing potatoes? Is grandma buried here?

Photo of basement pit progress
I’ve made some progress on the hell corner, but I need to procure a shovel.
Photo of Shep stuck behind the washer
Shep managed to get stuck behind the washer within a few minutes of entering his new house.
Photo of Winston smiling in the Durango
Winston enjoying shotgun privileges (revoked after this ride).
* * *