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Overzealous Carpet Pulling

· remodel

Today was relatively light. Cat and Nathan returned from vacation, so we went over to the house, and one thing led to another, and we pulled up most of the carpet in the main area. We found some “interesting” woodwork, like a gaping hole to the basement instead of subfloor that was obscured by the carpet before.

Photo of our subfloor hole
We are hesitant to peek behind this flimsy piece of board.
Photo of our subfloor hole
Subfloor? Never knew ya.

We measured every room, so our plan – funds permitting – is to replace the living room and dining room with laminate floor and re-carpet the bedrooms and upstairs with a pet-friendly, stain-resistant carpet. Tile would be ideal since we have a puppy and a senior dog, but it’s $5.50/sq ft to install according to Home Depot. Hopefully, we can find a laminate that will be textured enough for Winston. Bamboo is also an option, but it sounds somewhat finicky with expansion, so I am hesitant to add weird stuff to a weird house.

Photo of torn up carpet
We have hardwood floor in the living room, master bedroom, and office. Linoleum under carpet in the dining room.
* * *