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Wall Hell

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In short:

I've made a huge mistake

We made an appointment to get our house measured by a Lowe’s floor installer today, picked out a laminate floor and carpet, and chose some paint colors for the living and dining rooms. We felt like we were making progress and that maybe we could make our deadline of the end of the month for remodeling and moving in.

Photo of laminate floor and carpet samples
We think this laminate floor and carpet will work.

Then we started painting, and things started bending, and things started falling off.

Photo of our terrible floor
Nice floor patch job. Notice the huge gaps by the former baseboards too. Why are they concave?
Photo of a 90 degree stopper
Originally, I thought this crown moulding was decorative, albeit sloppy. It is actually hiding the fact that the paneling does not touch the other wall.
Photo of a hole in our chimney
This hole into the chimney (?) was literally stuffed with toilet paper. Also, somehow the paneling is squeezed behind the chimney.

Finally, I suggested we just rip the crappy fake paneling off because it felt like we were – pardon the Palin – putting lipstick on a pig if we were to paint over some shoddy work.

Photo of our room with the paneling
Before we made a regrettable decision
Photo of our room with a torn up wall
After our regrettable decision. There is a mix of creepy wallpaper, actual wood, and plaster.
Photo of terribly old wiring
I don’t think I want to power any devices with this outlet.
Photo of an unknown ancient outlet
What is this ancient outlet for? The switchplate was painted over, but we have no idea what this is.

Having made a giant mess of the living room, we went ahead and tried to shoot moon:

Before chaos
Dining room before destruction. (We had started painting the paneling.)
After chaos
Dining room after destruction

We have now made a giant mess.

Photo from the dining room to family room
Dining room to family room: Pure Mess
Photo from the family room to the dining room
Family room to dining room: More Mess

I feel like we’ve ripped a cuticle in trying to trim our nails, and now we’ve lost the entire fingernail.

* * *