Jon-Michael Deldin

BMX, bike trials, & software from the Pacific Northwest


I’ve been jibbing on bikes for most of my life, and this page aggregates the last few years of it.


Every now and then, I waste a few hours editing videos, and these are the results:

Some longer, more or less “raw” clips:

Latest Posts

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The current stable:

2015 S&M ATF (2015-03-21)
20.75" top tube, mostly built from remnants of my Colony.
2014 Norco Two50 (2014-06-18)
Another used find, and although I cracked the frame and had to get into BMX while it was being warrantied, this is such a fun manual machine.
2010 Inspired Fourplay (2013-06-23)
Hands-down the best Craigslist find! This has been the gateway to street trials and BMX for me. I love this bike!


2015 Colony Emerge (2014-11-15–2015-02-06)
20.4" top tube, stock bike, sadly destroyed in a pump track, along with part of my abdominal wall
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