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Remodeling Progress

We bought a 1925 home in Everett! Here is a rough chronicle of our steps to remodel bits and pieces of it.

Removing Wallboard and Linoleum

Cat’s brother, Ethan, came up from Oregon with a big truck, so under his and Ron’s guidance, we destroyed the house further by ripping off a bunch of wallboard and linoleum.

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Re-Roofing Begins

The roofers were unable to schedule us earlier, so they removed our unsafe chimney off at the roof line for free. Ron arrived tonight too!

Incensed by Incense

Ron is coming out from Montana to save our bacon! Without having clear direction, we tried to remove the sickly sweet incense odor in the master bedroom wood paneling to no avail (soapy water and then vinegar water). No dice.


We didn’t do much work today, as we’re somewhat stalled. Some highlights:

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Overzealous Carpet Pulling

Today was relatively light. Cat and Nathan returned from vacation, so we went over to the house, and one thing led to another, and we pulled up most of the carpet in the main area. We found some “interesting” woodwork, like a gaping hole to the basement instead of subfloor that was obscured by the carpet before.

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Dungeon Extraction

More basement work, more hardware store purchases. I ran by the house to begin airing it out after yesterday’s bug bombs, which meant I had time to kill. I returned my super-wimpy-not-sure-why-they-bother-selling-it air compressor (0.6 CFM, 1/3 HP, 100 PSI) to Harbor Freight and upgraded to a larger one. Perhaps they make all their money in the restocking fees. The new one is much nicer and can actually blow dust away, so it could be handy in the basement, but mainly, it can actually do its job of blowing up tires and of blowing grips on and off.

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I met our real estate agent at the house at 08:00 and picked up our multiple unlabeled keys. I’m a homeowner now and a bit overwhelmed, but at least the previous owner left behind some treasure:

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Our lender moved closing up a week, which was great! I rushed to Kirkland to sign my name a hundred times for various liabilities I’d already e-signed a month prior, and then I received a giant paper copy of all those things that I already had digital copies of. Once we get the recording numbers (title things?), we will get keys.

It was quite anticlimactic, but I got to visit Kirkland for the first time, and after driving 405 S at lunchtime, hopefully the last time.

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